Human Resource Outsourcing

HRM offers several service options for supporting the HR function in small, medium and large companies. We guide, support and manage all or part of the HR responsibilities and requirements so that our clients can focus on their businesses. Our full-service, on-demand and on-call options are comprehensive, cost effective and flexible.

Regulatory & Compliance Services

Managing regulatory compliance for a company is a formidable task. It involves multiple functions, a staggering array of regulations knowledge and all too often, it results in duplication of effort and late reporting. Our consultants regularly advise clients regarding federal and state government contract requirement, including affirmation action obligations, compliance standards, and procedures.

Leadership Strategy

We consult with successful executives who are facing transitions and want a fast effective process to achieve their objectives and have everyone on the same page. Have you experienced the costly fallout of a poor leadership transition?

Maybe it's time to have Leadership Strategy.

Administrative Services Outsourcing

HRM cuts through the complexities employers face by offering comprehensive administrative solutions. HRM’s ASO services provide the guidance; training and HR expertise your managers and employees need to remain at high levels of productivity and enables small-to-mid- level organizations deliver world-class services to its employees, while reducing costs and improving operational efficiencies. Our Administrative Services are flexible and scalable.