Lezlee Leatherwood, SPHR

Lezlee Leatherwood, PHR is a Senior HR Manager with Human Resources Management, Inc. Lezlee is an experienced HR Professional with over 15 years working in employment, compensation/benefits, workers’ compensation, employee relations, outplacement, and HRIS. Specific industries Lezlee has served include: engineering, construction, manufacturing, public utility, and privately-held companies including Fortune 500 companies. Currently, she is the Office Manager for HRM as well as being a project consultant in compensation/benefits, employee relations, outplacement, and other projects. A graduate of the University of North Alabama, with a BS in Office Administration & Business; additional coursework in HR at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, and Certified as a Professional in Human Resources. She is also a member of local and national professional HR associations, and Notary Public - State of Alabama.

Are HRO Services Right for you?

  • Are you seeking to outsource all or parts of your your HR administration?
  • Are you looking for a way to attract and retain quality employees, train and develop managers, and deliver quality HR services to your most valued asset- your employees?
  • Do you need assistance developing/updating your company employee handbook, forms, and keeping with related state and federal requirements?
  • Would a part-time onsite HR Consultant be helpful to managing ongoing employee related issues?

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Are ASO Services Right for you?

  • Are you considering hiring a payroll and benefits partner to help manage these functions?
  • Are employee administrative functions slowing down the productivity of your company?
  • Are you looking for a way to take advantage of advances in ‘employee’ technology without having to spend a fortune?
  • Are you looking for an outsource to manage your unemployment, FMLA, and COBRA administration?

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Are Regulatory & Compliance Services Right for you?

  • Are you a Federal Contractor needing a trusted partner to help develop and monitor your Affirmative Action Program or manage an OFCCP audit?
  • Are you unsure of all the state and federal regulatory requirements where you operate and/or looking for a reliable and proactive source of information?
  • Is your Safety and Risk Management Program up-to-date with an experienced professional to facilitate training and compliance?
  • Does your Employee Handbook, HR Policy Manual and HR Forms reflect the most current legal requirements and best practices to safeguard management rights?
  • Are your Compensation Programs and pay practices market competitive, fair and equitable? Are you worried that hidden pay anomalies and/or Wage and Hour violations pose risks for litigation, monetary penalties and bad publicity?

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